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Jian X

Jian X, Sex Doll, Doll Star Image
Body TypeAthletic
Breast SizeSoft and perfect Gs
HairRed brown

Jian X is a gamer girl. Which makes sense, since she's based on a game character. She has an unusual face. She's very pretty, and the more you look at her, the bigger your erection gets. Her tits are magic. Her ass is perfect and her pussy will drain your cock before you know it. She has the moveable jaw, so she can suck your cock dry as well. This sexy silicone babe is always down for cuddles, kisses or an all-out fuck fest.

Hi, I'm Jian. Can I play your XBox? I'll be naked if that's okay. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I like cum in my mouth!

- Jian X

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Jian X is a Doll 4 Ever,
G-cup, 160 cm, Jian X, Silicone sex doll

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