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Phoebe the Elf

Phoebe the Elf, Sex Doll, Doll Star Image
Body TypePetite
Breast SizeD-cup

Tiny cute sex doll Phoebe the Elf is 319 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 19, so she goes by 19. How is that possible? "Imma elf" is her answer. Makes sense. She's cute and sassy for such a little thing, but she has great tits, a rockin' ass and she likes to take dick. If you're considering your first doll, Phoebe is a great option. She's small in stature, light in weight, but ready to fuck. What a good girl!

"Imma elf, so I got magic powers. But sucking dick is all me!!! :)))))"

- Phoebe

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Phoebe the Elf is a Piper Dolls,
D-cup, 130 cm, Elf Phoebe, TPE sex doll

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