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Sayaka Sexy

Sayaka Sexy, Sex Doll, Doll Star Image
Body TypeBuxom
Breast SizeLarge Ds
HairPlatinum blonde

Pretty sex doll Sayaka Sexy is an anime-style cutie with big tits, a fantastic ass and soft pussy that's very fun to fuck. Better yet, she's a cuddler. The type of soft, petite sexy girlfriend that will curl up in your lap while you watch the game. She doesn't complain that you like your TV time. No, she just quitely snuggles close, then starts to kiss your neck and ear. Next, you feel her hand slide up your leg... then, you're no longer watching the game. Clever girl. Sayaka is sweet, sexy and a great sex doll companion.

"I know you're busy daddy, but can i sit in your lap. I promise I'll be a bad girl ;)"


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Sayaka Sexy is a Irokebijin,
D-cup, 130cm, Sayaka Sexy, TPE sex doll

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