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Episode 08: Tough Love for cutie sex doll Mai Ling

Friday, 31 May 2019

Sexy young sex doll Mai Ling is one of Mikasa's best friends, and she's a cutie pie. She claims to be really shy, and she loves borrowing her friend's clothes, and her friend's Daddy. With Mikasa's permission, Mai Ling gets it on with Dollbanger. Such a lucky girl to have such a good friend! She tells Dollbanger she loves him. He gives her rough love in return.

Doll Star: Mai Ling


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Mai Ling is a Doll Forever,
C-cup, 146 cm, Mulan, TPE sex doll

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  • hero94

    Posted by hero94 on 04/01/21 8:31am

    God that’s amazing! Do seamless dolls have like actual throats that like curve downwards? I heard Piper dolls have seamless necks. She’s such a shy cutie sucking you. Seems like she can’t take it all

  • Dollbanger

    Posted by Dollbanger on 04/01/21 8:34am

    I love this doll. She's low key one of my favourite dolls of all time, even though she's not overly popular. I have no idea why - she's awesome. As for Pipers no throat that I'm aware of. Never heard of that feature in any doll, but likely it's out there somewhere.

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