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Episode 11: Sex Doll Jessica Bunny goes for anal

Friday, 28 June 2019

Pretty love doll Jessica Bunny comes back for her second scene. She misses Daddy's cock, and wants it back. This time, in her butt. What a bad girl! After some cuddles and pussy kissing she sucks dick and takes it it all her holes until her face is covered in cum. So proud of her!

Doll Star: Jessica Bunny


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Jessica Bunny is a Piper Dolls,
K-cup, 150 cm, Jessica, TPE sex doll

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  • hero94

    Posted by hero94 on 03/31/21 6:09pm

    Looked like her butt ended up being pretty tight! Which of her holes do you think has this tightest entrance? Hot vid!

  • Dollbanger

    Posted by Dollbanger on 03/31/21 6:19pm

    Her ass is about the same tighness as her pussy. TPE is TPE mostly. Piper dolls have the softest TPE I've felt so far, though I've not touched all doll types. With her full lips, head is also pretty nice.

  • curiouscustomer

    Posted by curiouscustomer on 07/26/21 5:27pm

    Is this the 100cm version? Trying to make a decision on which doll to get... one of these, a piper, summer by silidoll...

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 07/26/21 6:33pm

    @curiouscustomer - this is the TPE 150 Jessica. The 100cm is quite a lot smaller. Small can be good, but I find sex with a larger doll more satisfying and realistic, if that helps you decide. For what it's worth, Piper's are pretty amazing, and Jessica here is pretty fun to play with.

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