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Episode 02: Cutie Sex Doll Jessica banged hard

Friday, 19 April 2019

Jessica Bunny really wants you to look at her big boobs. They're pretty magical, after all. This super cute red head is a polite, pleasant girl to chat with, but she gets dirty fast when it's time to fuck. If you kiss her nipples after she cums, she gets a real case of the cum-shakes - it's adorable. She takes a hard fucking like a champ and gets a messy facial for her reward. Such a good Sex Doll!

Doll Star: Jessica Bunny


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Jessica Bunny is a Piper Dolls,
K-cup, 150 cm, Jessica, TPE sex doll

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  • carlo leodoro

    Posted by carlo leodoro on 05/05/19 8:40pm

    I own two that sleep with at nite.

    • Dollbanger

      Posted by Dollbanger on 05/05/19 10:11pm


  • Rick

    Posted by Rick on 05/20/19 6:48pm

    Very beatiful video jessica?what is the measure of jessica rabit? to order an exact charm au video

    • Dollbanger

      Posted by Dollbanger on 05/30/19 11:17pm

      @Rick - Jessica's stats are here:

  • Luiz Carlos

    Posted by Luiz Carlos on 05/30/19 6:55pm

    I loved her, delicious ass and beautiful breasts, I would like to see the video with the new Piper Doll 150cm Akira, she has a beautiful ass Woow I am eager to see her: P

    • Dollbanger

      Posted by Dollbanger on 05/30/19 11:17pm

      @Luiz - keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks.

  • John

    Posted by John on 09/11/19 8:06am

    I have 2 questions about the doll options. Is this the hollow breast or solid breast? Regular skeleton or squatting skeleton I think they call it evo skeleton?

  • John

    Posted by John on 09/11/19 8:10am

    Also forgot to ask is this insert or built in option?

    • Dollbanger

      Posted by Dollbanger on 09/23/19 8:44pm

      Hi John - I forwarded your questions to our store manager.

  • alfredo

    Posted by alfredo on 04/24/22 1:48pm

    Hi , nice Video ;-) Beauty Doll ... I have a question about Jessica : which kind of breasts are this ? Hollow or Gel ?

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 04/24/22 3:12pm

    Hi Alfredo - this Jessica Doll has hollow breasts.

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