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Bella Roze

Bella Roze, Sex Doll, Doll Star Image
Body Type30-20-32
Breast SizeF-Cup

This little cutie pie will melt your heart first, then drain your cock second. She's Mikasa Taunton's best friend, and she's very happy that Mikasa lets her fuck Dollbanger. Dollbanger's happy about that too. This one doesn't look like she'd be into it, but when you get her close, and suddenly her mouth is around your cock, you realize she's a partier.

"I like hot guys and hot girls. Hahaha wait I like ALL guys and ALL girls! Let's FUCK!"

- Bella

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Bella Roze is a Dollhouse 168,
F-cup, 145 cm, Marie, TPE sex doll

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    Posted by Haydar on 05/29/19 11:45am

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  • Haydar

    Posted by Haydar on 05/29/19 11:46am

    Bu ürünü nasıl alabilirim

  • Dollbanger

    Posted by Dollbanger on 05/29/19 3:32pm

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