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Episode 24: Cute young sexdoll Asha Akira gets held down gently and fucked hard

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Sexy, pretty, petite sexdoll Asha Akira seems like a good girl at first, but she's really a bad girl at heart. She seems so innocent until she whispers in your ear, and says, "Hold me down and fuck me hard Daddy". After getting her perfect b-cups fondled and her bumm kissed and slapped, she opens up for a nice rough fuck before getting her cute face hosed down to finish it off. Sexy as fuck.

Doll Star: Asha Akira


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Asha Akira is a Piper Dolls,
B-cup, 150 cm, Akira, TPE sex doll

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  • peter10ns

    Posted by peter10ns on 01/26/22 9:29am

    Still trying to figure a lot of this out as I What type of lubricant you're supposed to use with them. and How exactly standing feet work and how are they different than the regular feet other than having the three screws in the feet.

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 01/26/22 9:41am

    Hi Peter. For TPE dolls, you just need a water-based lube. The standing feet provide a stable platform for the doll to stand on. She still needs to be against a wall, or other supporting surface, but you can't do that without the standing feet. These are very useful for standing storage.

  • pat-the-brat

    Posted by pat-the-brat on 01/26/22 5:44pm

    Nice vid DB!
    Nicely done!
    Piper's are awesome! :-)
    If I can ask for a request.... a vid with the cowboy position would be great! Hehe!
    I've been struggling with that position and since you are the Doll Master.... I thought I could ask lol

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 01/26/22 6:02pm

    Hi Pat - actually, for the reason you point out, we don't shoot that position. In fact, I only ever successfully fucked one doll in that position - Nozomi. And that was because of the unusual angle of her vaginal opening. But, that wasn't "camera ready". The fact is, that position is all about the girl doing the work, balancing, thrusting up and down with her thighs and arms. That's why it doesn't work for a life-size sex doll. Maybe in the future, the next generation dolls with smart motors will be able to do that position. It's my favourite sex position, so I feel your pain.

  • pat-the-brat

    Posted by pat-the-brat on 01/26/22 6:25pm

    Thank you for the fast reply DB!
    I know exactly what you mean about the angle.

    Now I know I am not the only one who love that position :-)

    They are sexy looking when they are on top of you and speaking of that....I think I'll go to the bedroom now lol

  • shimmy

    Posted by shimmy on 04/12/22 2:40am

    I am interested in the Zelex doll called Janne. She is listed as a teen doll with A cup. Do you know if this doll is legal and legit.

    • DollBanger

      Posted by DollBanger on 04/12/22 9:51am

      Hi Shimmy - I did a quick search of our partner retail site, but didn't see the model you're referring to. I did see an a-cup Zelex body online, but not on the reseller website. There's no reason an a-cup doll would be illegal. The ones that are illegal in North America are the dolls that are clearly designed to be children. Zelex is a legit brand, for sure.

  • sachatrix

    Posted by sachatrix on 04/28/22 3:11am

    Hi, thank you so much for your content !
    On my phone and my computer, there's no picture in the "gallery" section, is this normal ?

    Thank you again !

    • DollBanger

      Posted by DollBanger on 04/28/22 9:09am

      Thanks for the comment, and the support - no, it's not normal. Something must have been been affected on the last update to the site template. I'll look into that later today.

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