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Ariel West

Ariel West, Sex Doll, Doll Star Image
Body TypeCurvy
Breast SizeG-cup
ButtRound and sexy

Pretty, petite, firecracker dollstar Ariel West is a good girl gone bad girl when the cameras roll. When just sitting around in her blanket she's a sweet, cute, innocent sexdoll who's fun to hug and kiss. But when her clothes come off, she's a sexy little dirty-girl who likes having her awesome titties tickled, her cute bumm slapped and her tight pussy fucked.

OMG, you like like me?! That's awesome heehee cuz I like like you too! Can we just skip dating and be fuck buddies?

- Ariel West

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Ariel West is a Piper Dolls,
G-cup, 140 cm, Ariel, TPE sex doll

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  • zpintor

    Posted by zpintor on 01/24/22 1:13am

    Good vídeo

  • Ben hunter

    Posted by Ben hunter on 03/23/22 11:13pm

    Great looking doll. If I may ask, what skin tone is that?

  • DollBaner

    Posted by DollBaner on 03/23/22 11:23pm

    I think the tone is pink/white on the website.

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