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Episode 23: Sexy young bad-girl sexdoll Ariel West gets nailed hard and facialed

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Sexy bad-girl Ariel West is very excited about being the first dollstar to get fucked in the new DollBanger Studio. After she gets to know Daddy a little, she takes out her awesome tits, gets her bumm slapped and fucks her way to a sloppy facial. She cums a few times along the way, like a good girl. She cums hardest when getting bumm slaps and begging for a facial. Such a bad girl, but so sexy!

Doll Star: Ariel West


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Ariel West is a Piper Dolls,
G-cup, 140 cm, Ariel, TPE sex doll

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  • lord-torack

    Posted by lord-torack on 01/24/22 5:00pm

    Beautiful doll ❤️

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 01/24/22 6:54pm

    Yeah, she's cute as fuck

  • ptdxxx

    Posted by ptdxxx on 02/08/22 10:02pm

    Any chance you're gonna have Piper 130 or 160 Aika soon?

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 02/09/22 1:27pm

    Yeah, she's super cute. I can't guarantee it, but we try to shoot the popular dolls. She's so new, it might be a while, but I agree she's the cutest thing ever.

  • millmick30

    Posted by millmick30 on 01/04/23 1:28am

    Please upload more videos of Piper doll Ariel! I’ve looked through all the porn sites but can’t find many videos of her. Would love to gift her to my husband (and me) in the near future.

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 01/11/23 7:49pm

    Cute Ariel was a temporary guest of the DB Studio, unfortunately. If we get access to her again, we'll shoot more for sure.

  • srtenazas

    Posted by srtenazas on 02/14/23 11:46pm

    i love you ariel west, iam waiting more of you (L)

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