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Episode 23: Sexy young bad-girl sexdoll Ariel West gets nailed hard and facialed

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Sexy bad-girl Ariel West is very excited about being the first dollstar to get fucked in the new DollBanger Studio. After she gets to know Daddy a little, she takes out her awesome tits, gets her bumm slapped and fucks her way to a sloppy facial. She cums a few times along the way, like a good girl. She cums hardest when getting bumm slaps and begging for a facial. Such a bad girl, but so sexy!

Doll Star: Ariel West


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Ariel West is a Piper Dolls,
G-cup, 140 cm, Ariel, TPE sex doll

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  • lord-torack

    Posted by lord-torack on 01/24/22 5:00pm

    Beautiful doll ❤️

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 01/24/22 6:54pm

    Yeah, she's cute as fuck

  • ptdxxx

    Posted by ptdxxx on 02/08/22 10:02pm

    Any chance you're gonna have Piper 130 or 160 Aika soon?

  • DollBanger

    Posted by DollBanger on 02/09/22 1:27pm

    Yeah, she's super cute. I can't guarantee it, but we try to shoot the popular dolls. She's so new, it might be a while, but I agree she's the cutest thing ever.

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